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At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, recognizing the uniqueness of each patient is our specialty! Not all patients can take commercially available medication. We take into account your special needs, your unique physiology, your individual goals for your health. Then, we work with your physician to formulate a one-of-a-kind preparation that has been custom-made just for you.

Your alternative solution
At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, problem solving is our business! When nothing else seems to work, your physician can turn to Custom Dosing Pharmacy to tailor a drug or preparation to your individual needs. Until now, if your doctor wanted to customize medicinal therapy for a particular patient, he/she found little or no support from manufacturers or pharmacists. Custom Dosing Pharmacy gives you and your doctor the opportunity to initiate that customized therapy.


Your Health
At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, your health is our top priority! Our skilled pharmacists take time to consult with you and your physician to maximize the benefits of your treatment. We want to understand your needs, and tailor your prescription accordingly. We care about how you feel. Each compounded prescription is created to your doctor's specifications to meet each patient's unique needs.

At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, we can:
Change Dosages and Strengths
Prepare Unique BioIdentical Hormone Formulas
Eliminate Preservatives, Dyes & Sensitive Fillers
Make Combination Drugs
Add Flavors and Colors
Make Custom Formulations from
   Physicians Specifications 

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