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About Us

Meet Jeff Barton, R.Ph, Owner, Custom Dosing Pharmacy

Partnering with physicians and patients to provide uniquely customized patient-centered treatment Jeff Barton, R.Ph is the owner of Custom Dosing Pharmacy. Jeff is available for speaking engagements for you private practice lectures and group seminars.

Raised in Hobart, Indiana, Jeff graduated from Hobart High School with the class of 1978. He subsequently earned his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Purdue University in 1983. Jeff, a second generation pharmacist contributes his appreciation for the business from the time he had spent with his father, John Barton running his business, Turkey Creek Pharmacy, located in Merrillville until 1993.

Jeff Barton is a well respected partner to physicians in the local medical community. He holds a strong appreciation for the interactive complexities of restoring health, relieving pain and preventing disease in patients. By partnering with physicians to provide custom solutions to patient needs, Jeff considers his role to be complimentary to the physician’s overall care-giving goals, and the services of Custom Dosing Pharmacy as an extension to their practice. Importantly, Jeff is philosophically committed to helping physicians address the root causes of patient problems – not just their symptoms. Excellence and quality have been the driving forces shaping the reputation of Custom Dosing Pharmacy. Our compounded preparations contain only the highest quality active ingredients in every order, prepared from physicians’ exact specifications. The role of Custom Dosing Pharmacy is to support your physician’s overall healthcare plan. Carefully considering a patient’s special needs – from custom dosages to alternative methods of administration – Jeff can help physicians and patients find clinically-sound, individualized solutions. He works closely with physicians to optimize each patient’s care, including offering complementary and/or natural treatment alternatives. Jeff and his staff are also available for patient follow-up, answering questions, addressing concerns and offering help in everyday language patients understand.

Among Jeff’s many strengths as a compounding Pharmacist, he is appreciated for his open door to all his patients. Jeff invites individual patients for one-on-one consultation to maximize the benefits of their treatments. He enjoys the rewarding experience of providing a critical component in healing through custom compounding.