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Area Physicians List

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Area Physicians List

For Patients

Custom Dosing Pharmacy maintains a growing list of local physicians and nurse practitioners who have prescribed our compounded medications-including BioIdentical Hormone Replacement preparations. If you would like the name of a physician near you, please call our pharmacists at 219-662-5602. However, please take note that we have no specific knowledge of his/her medical practice and cannot guarantee that the physician(s) will meet your medical requirements. You will have to thoroughly interview the doctor or staff member to determine whether their medical practice suits your individual health and/or financial requirements.

We are also delighted to work with your current physician! The pharmacists at Custom Dosing Pharmacy will gladly call or fax your physician with information about our services – including BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy- whether or not your physician is currently on this list.

For Physicians

If you are an area physician, we welcome you to become a partner with us in serving the unique needs of your patients. Give us a call to tell us how Custom Dosing Pharmacy can better serve your needs!

Rx Fills & Refills

New patients of Custom Dosing Pharmacy are sometimes surprised to learn that it usually takes us 2 working days to fill your prescription. Each prescription is uniquely hand-made just for you from quality pure materials. This attention to detail takes time!

When refilling a prescription, call a couple days in advance to ensure that you don’t run out between refills!

Payment & Insurance

Custom Dosing Pharmacy accepts cash, credit cards and debit cards as payment for your prescriptions. We do not accept insurance plans for payment. You will receive a detailed receipt upon payment which you may submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement (if applicable.)

The staff is always happy to assist you with the completion of your insurance forms! If you need help completing your insurance forms, just bring them in when you pick up your prescription!