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Cost Saving Advice

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Cost Saving Advice

Your pharmacists at Custom Dosing Pharmacy can help you save money when it comes to your unique healthcare needs.

A Creighton University study found that, every time a pharmacist intervened to educate a patient, prevent a drug-drug interaction, or ensure compliance with a prescription, he saved the payer an average of $27.36.

In research at the University of Minnesota, changes in drug therapy recommended by pharmacists improved or resolved patients’ illnesses in 80% of the cases and reduced the cost of medications per patient by $49 to $132 per clinic visit.

A study at Purdue University found that pharmacy service saved the health-care system an average of $2.32 per prescription. The study indicated that pharmacy services saved the Medicaid budget $784 Million in 1993.

A study at the University of Arkansas demonstrated that $6.13 was saved for every dollar spent on independent pharmacist care.

Pharmacists are the only health care professionals that have studied chemical compatibilities and can prepare alternate dosage forms. Compounding pharmacies are licensed and regulated in the 50 states and the District of Columbia by their respective state boards of pharmacy.