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Millions of Americans rely on custom-made compounded medicines for improved health and effectiveness of treatment. The stories below are the real testimonies of current patients of Custom Dosing Pharmacy. They represent hundreds of patients who depend on the services of Custom Dosing Pharmacy and its staff to support their health and quality of life.

There is a flesh-and-blood reality to the work of a Compounding Pharmacist; by intimately understanding each patient’s unique needs, he combines ingenuity, flexibility and creativity to make a substantive difference in the life of the patient. We include these stories so that readers everywhere may understand the real-life benefits that compounding pharmacists deliver each day. If you are a current patient of Custom Dosing Pharmacy and have a story to tell, contact us. We’d like to include your words as part of our legacy of healing.

Sally H., Chicago Heights, IL – SuperCharged!

NOTE: Sally is probably the most exuberant, positive, upbeat, excited and enthusiastic person I have EVER spoken with!!!!! Her energy and excitement radiated through the telephone line as she related her hormone story. She giggled and exuded a passion for living and the BioIdentical Hormones that, as Sally says, “Saved my life!!!!!”

Sally fit my call in between managing a salesman at her home, her daily exercise regimen, a long distance call on the other line and half a dozen other activities that showed me that Sally doesn’t miss a beat of her passion-filled busy life! In my heart I really connected with this intelligent, well informed, animated woman. I want to BE HER, I thought!

Sally’s story gives hope to women suffering from total exhaustion, zero libido and the complete inability to sleep. When we hung up the phone, I just wished I could give her a hug. After reading her story, you will too…

Sally’s Story

After my partial hysterectomy at age 41, I became an insomniac. Although they left my ovaries in, they said I had a 50/50 chance that my hormones would continue working. Well, I was on the wrong end of the 50%. Mine quit, and along with them went any hope I had of getting any rest. The best I could hope for was about 2 hours of restless sleep at night. Month after agonizing month, it felt as though I had gotten no rest at all.

I never associated the insomnia with my hormones, so I just learned to live with total exhaustion for years until my libido went to absolute ZERO too. I mean it was COMPLETELY gone. I had no desire for sex whatsoever and it was beginning to affect my marriage. I have the most wonderful husband and just didn’t understand what was wrong with me, or the connection to my hormones! I thought that, until I have hot flashes, it just can’t be menopause! That’s a big mistake most women make. Now that I look back and see the symptoms I had, I know they could have been fixed right away if I’d found the Bio-Identicals sooner.

Finally, the libido problem was so bad, I went back to my OB/GYN. It was very hard for me to talk about this with anyone, and she didn’t make it any easier. Really she was no help at all, but my persistence eventually earned me a prescription for some sort of Testosterone cream. The pharmacy I used couldn’t even make it and it was a mess to use. It didn’t work anyway.

I went back to my doctor and literally pleaded with her. I could tell she was disgusted with me. This time I left with a prescription for an estrogen patch. Again, it didn’t help much. My insomnia and mood swings were getting worse than ever. I was so exhausted I could barely function; really, I had no life left.

Then, I got an unusual blessing. I developed an allergy to the patch! I got a rash and went back to my doctor. I needed to get off the patch and told her I didn’t want any more estrogens because my Mother had had breast cancer. She washed her hands of me and told me, “There’s nothing more we can do!”

So, I went looking for another doctor and found an awesome Endocrinologist-Dr. Eileen Yohay in Chicago Heights! She actually LISTENED to me!!!! By now my symptoms were at their all-time worst! She discovered that I was also battling Hashimodo’s Thyroiditis along with my hormone issues. She said she had just attended a fascinating seminar by a really knowledgeable pharmacist named Jeff Barton in Indiana. She said Jeff could offer solutions to my hormone problems without SYNTHETIC hormones! That was really important to me, as was her enthusiastic endorsement of the BioIdentical Hormones! She grabbed her purse and found Jeff’s phone number for me. I didn’t waste any time!

When I called Jeff, I was absolutely astonished! He understood exactly what I was feeling and what I needed. I quickly made an appointment with him and, after LISTENING – I MEAN REALLY LISTENING – to me, he made a number of BioIdentical hormone recommendations that my new doctor immediately supported. I began the hormones right then.

Jeff and I have had to work closely with my doctor to keep me healthy. Most women respond immediately to the BioIdentical Hormones and continue to get better and better. I think my case has been more difficult than most because of the Hashimodo’s effect on my Thyroid function. In the beginning I would feel AWESOME for about 2 months and then Jeff would need to change my dosages or the timing of my hormones a bit because of the huge fluctuations in my thyroid. He really enjoyed the challenge my body was giving him! I actually look forward to seeing him now and then, just because he knows me so well now! When we finally came up with the right combination of which hormones taken when, the tremendous feeling of total well-being was just incredible!

I HAVE FINALLY LEARNED TO HEAR WHAT MY BODY IS TELLING ME! When I fluctuate, I now know what to adjust, and have managed to feel WONDERFUL consistently for over 2 years.

Probably the best change for me was the IMMEDIATE CURE OF MY INSOMNIA! THAT SAVED MY LIFE! I’ve also learned that certain foods can trigger hormonal responses in my body, for example, if I drink white wine, I’ll have a hot flash during the night.

I take very low doses of the BioIdentical Hormones now and they work perfectly in conjunction with my Thyroid therapy.

If I could say anything to women who are suffering as I was, it would be that, because of the BioIdentical Hormones I HAVE ENERGY!, ENERGY! I’M CHIPPER! RUNNING-AROUND-GREAT!!!!!

I AM A NEW PERSON! Jeff Barton is responsible for starting me out over 5 years ago, and staying the course with me- and I just can’t thank him enough!

Sheila G.’s Journey to BioIdentical Hormones

“I am delighted to share my experience with BioIdentical hormones with other women who might be struggling with hormone-related health problems.

I’ve had an 8 year journey with hormones, beginning with my physician. Although I hadn’t yet experienced the typical menopausal symptoms, he observed that I should begin a hormone regimen as a preventative wellness measure. He started me on Synthetic hormones, and I continued to take them for about 6 years.

Then, in 2002, I heard about the Harvard Nurses Study, the research that showed that synthetic hormones could have lethal side effects.

I was also doing a lot of reading on my own at this time and discovered Suzanne Somers’ book (“The Sexy Years.”) Her book “hit me between the eyes!” I had never been a big Suzanne Somers fan (in fact, I thought she was a little ditzy!) until I read that book – and it just made so much sense! Suzanne explained the dangers of synthetic hormones, and, although I didn’t feel any side effects at that point, I wanted to get the chemicals out of my body. My own studies confirmed that the synthetics were a danger zone. BioIdentical hormones, it seems to me, are the logical choices when it comes to exactly replacing the hormones that my body has lost.

I searched for a Compounding Pharmacy, as Suzanne’s book recommends, and that’s how I found Custom Dosing Pharmacy. I met with Jeff Barton and found him much more informative and in-depth than even my physician! I walked away from my consultation with Jeff with a lot of knowledge, and a comfort that Jeff really knows this field.

If I could convey a message to women everywhere who are experiencing health issues they believe could be related to their hormones, it would be this: DO YOUR HOMEWORK! RESEARCH the latest information on hormones before you sit down with someone to start hormone therapy. UNDERSTAND the terminology, and a little about how your body works so you can confidently express your needs, and your demand for BioIdentical Hormones, NOT SYNTHETIC!

You’ll need to understand your symptoms, too, so you’ll be aware when your prescription needs to be “tweaked.” For example, recently I am beginning to feel that my body may be getting more estrogen than it needs. I am going back to see Jeff to see what he thinks, and to adjust my prescription.

It’s also essential to do your own research because, if we rely on the drug companies to inform us, it’s not going to happen. Feeling good and staying healthy is our own responsibility, we’re not going to hear about the natural solutions through the pharmaceuticals.

How long will I stay on hormones? It’s been about 8 years. I do plan to gradually reduce my dosages, if possible, but I think I’ll stay on them as long as I can. The impact of balanced hormones on my life and my moods ” and especially on my family-is tremendous.”

Sheila G. is a successful professional businesswoman who owns and operates her growing own company, HOME CLEANING CENTERS of Hobart, Indiana. The company features 14 teams of well-trained cleaning pros who specialize in residential and office cleaning.

Michelle M., Dyer, IN

“I can’t imagine ever living without my BioIdentical Hormones! Oh my! Without them, I think I’d shoot myself! 🙂 I plan to be on the hormones for the rest of my life, because of the way they make me feel and health benefits long term. Jeff (Barton) has been great about adjusting my doses when my needs have changed, to keep me feeling great! Really, I just can’t tell you how awesome he has been and what a difference the hormones have made in my life!”

Sharon W., Chesterton, Indiana

I had had a severe case of hot flashes. My sister actually timed them once, and they were coming 3 minutes apart! They were so extreme that I just couldn’t function; I couldn’t even go out anymore.

My gynecologist started me out on synthetic hormones and the side effects were awful! Eventually, I had taken the whole gamut of synthetics ” PremPro, Premarin, PremPhase, Prometrium, etc., and I just couldn’t take the side effects anymore” the bloating, the break-through bleeding and all the discomfort. I finally decided that taking nothing at all would be better than what I was going through on the synthetics.

I tried lots of natural things too, from the health food store. They didn’t help at all either. Then, I heard about BioIdentical Hormones. They were a “last resort” for me, and they worked! I really had to “push” my gynecologist to use the BioIdentical, but Jeff worked with us to get my formula just right. I could feel the difference right away-without the side affects!

I’ve been on BioIdentical Hormones for about 4 years now. We have changed my formula slightly a couple of times, and I feel great!!!

After about 2 years of doing great on the BioIdentical Hormones, I thought I’d put my body to a little test. I felt so well that I wondered if maybe I was cured and didn’t need the hormones any more. I took myself off for about a month, and my symptoms started to return! I got back on the BioIdentical hormones! And, I don’t think I’ll EVER go off them again!

Alice C., Crown Point, IN

I had been on Premarin for 2 years and my original symptoms were all coming back. I gained a lot of weight from the Premarin. Then, a girlfriend told me about BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and her great experience with Custom Dosing. I read Suzanne Somer’s book and she recommends finding a Compounding Pharmacy because these pharmacies understand the BioIdentical Hormones and can assist you step-by-step in getting started. Compounding pharmacies are hard to find! When I located Custom Dosing Pharmacy, I jumped in my car and drove right over to see if they could help me.

The pharmacist, Jeff Barton, was absolutely great! He worked out a combination of hormones and dosages that helped me completely. I am 100% free of Hot Flashes on the BioIdentical. Jeff taught me how to titrate my dosages based on my daily needs. That’s what I really love about the BioIdentical-that I can titrate my doses depending on how I am feeling. Recently I had 2 deaths in my family and the stress was awful. I started to “flash”, so I increased my dose slightly during the stress. It took away the problem and then I returned to my lower dose.

I have also regained my sensation because of the testosterone I am taking. My husband loves it, and so do I!

I’ve told all my friends about the huge difference the BioIdentical hormones have made in my life. I really hope more people knew about it. I just wrote a letter to Congress because I see that the drug company Wyeth (the company that manufactures the synthetic hormone Premarin) is trying to eliminate our access to BioIdentical hormones. I don’t care to take Horse Urine! It’s NOT what MY body needs!

I love my custom dosed meds and promote them everywhere. I’m going to take a saliva test this week to have my prescription titrated again. I really want to stay on top of my health and it’s exciting to be able to control my life this way. I have already lost quite a bit of weight since I began the BioIdentical Hormones. I have the energy now to walk my entire subdivision every day. It feels great!

One more thing – I tried the Chrysaderm Skin cream they have at Custom Dosing Pharmacy. IT IS REALLY GREAT! I have used the Day cream for about a month and am now starting with the Night cream too. Although it’s a little expensive, it goes a long way and lasts a long time. It has made a really big difference in my skin! It’s not oily or greasy, it just makes your skin look great!

Brenda M., Crown Point, Indiana

I have been using BioIdentical hormones for almost 2 years now. So far, I have only needed the progesterone cream. I do a saliva test about every 6 months. My doctor is Dr. Savage. Listed below are the areas that have improved since using the progesterone. I was just starting to get into the symptoms of perimenopause. The muscle and joint aches concerned me the most because my mom has severe osteoarthritis. For me, that is now gone. The only thing I have not been able to get rid of yet is my abdominal fat. I did not ever have that before and I am an avid exerciser. I do cardio, yoga/pilates and weight lifting.

My areas helped by the BioIdentical Progesterone are: relief of joint aches, night sweats, depression, mood swings, decreased libido (progesterone has helped, but still working on more improvement), cold body temperature (improved), thinning, dry skin, sleep is much better and more restful, increased stamina, hair loss has ceased, anxiety problems have disappeared, PMS is pretty much gone too. I feel even-tempered throughout the month now.