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Veterinary Services

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Veterinary Services

Your Pets…

Sometimes animals – just like their human owners – have unique medication needs that off-the-shelf prescription medicines cannot meet. When this occurs, your veterinarian can turn to Custom Dosing Pharmacy to prepare a unique formula just for your pet!

Veterinarians often use the services of a Compounding Pharmacy when special situations exist including:

● Changing the dosage form for animals that spit out their pills!
● Formulating the correct dosage strength for a very small or very large- animal
● Flavoring the medication so your pet will actually enjoy his meds
● Compounding commercially unavailable medications/preparations

Other Veterinary Compounding Services

● Thyroid & Seizure Medications
● Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems
● Sugar-free preparations
● Opthalmic Drops
● Discontinued Meds
● Flavored Antibiotics
● Transdermal Creams
● Topical Powders
● Combined Medications
● Flavored Troches
● Medicated biscuits
● Other custom preparations

Veterinarians may call toll free or fax the prescriptions to us. Include the pet’s name and the owner’s contact information.