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Can CBD Help with Muscle Recovery?

Everyone from hard-core athletes to everyday exercisers have experienced sore muscles after a workout. Whether it is from starting a new plan, switching it up to a new type of exercise and pushing yourself to a new level, having sore muscles and needing help with recovery is inevitable. Sore muscles can not only be a pain, but also can prevent you from working out and sidetracking the best-laid exercise plans. CBD oils, topicals and supplements can be an option to assist you on your road to recovery.

Why the Soreness?

When we work out and engage in exertive physical activity, it causes tiny tears in our muscle fibers. Particularly, during strength training, muscles are, in essence, broken down in order to be repaired and built back up stronger and better than before. These tiny tears are the source of that achy, sore feeling that happens after a particularly exhausting workout routine. This damage, in fact, triggers inflammation in order for our body’s to understand that they need to respond and repair the worked muscles, which is where the soreness and stiffness comes in. 

Natural Help to Relieve Inflammation

CBD can be a natural alternative to help ease your muscle aches and get you back to the gym or out on the road faster. CBD is seen as a natural remedy that can be part of a holistic and additional way to live a healthy and happy life. It continues to be seen as a way to help with inflammation without the common side effects associated with traditional medications. While everyone is unique, CBD is an option to help you recover and feel better after working out. 

Topicals May Be the Way to Go

At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, we carry CBD Topicals, which provide a way to target the exact spot where you are feeling the most sore after you exercise. Our CBD Recover Inflammation Cream contains many natural elements in addition to CBD. For example, Vitamin B6 is seen as a way to repair inflammatory and arthritic damage and MSM can increase flexibility. You can also pick up a CBD Freeze Pain Relief Gel that is crafted to ease joint pain and muscle tenderness. We also carry a range of CBD oils and consumables. While CBD works differently on each person, it is an option to consider if you are seeking to follow a more natural and alternative health lifestyle path.

Receive a Personal Consultation

We want to connect with you today to discuss your personalized needs. Our team of experts can meet with you for a personalized consultation. We will review your current health conditions and status and what symptoms you are facing before providing a treatment plan. We can assist with not only CBD products, but also supplements and compounding medications. Our professional team can answer your questions. Reach out to us today through our online contact form.

Please consult your doctor or health professional before using CBD products. The FDA has not evaluated statements of CBD and its uses, and this product is not currently approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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