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Can CBD Help with Stress?

CBD continues to be a popular alternative health treatment that patients are putting into place as part of their health plans. Here at Custom Dosing, we continue to work with this aspect of alternatives for a variety of health issues and conditions. CBD has been shown to assist with pain management and anxiety, but what about stress as well? With the way that the world is today, we are all facing additional stressors that have piled up on top of everyday life. So, how can CDB work to relieve some of this stress?

Stress or Anxiety?

First, it is important to understand the differences between stress and anxiety, as these two terms are often used interchangeably, even though they are different. Anxiety can manifest in feelings of impending doom, nervousness, restlessness, and consistent worry. It can cause sleep problems, increased heart rate, and other physical effects. Stress is our body’s reaction to changes in life, which are more and more prevalent. While stress is a normal response, excessive and consistent stress can cause many physical and mental effects. 

Stress can be harder to diagnose as it is subjective to each individual. That is why a consultation with our team can be a step in the right direction. If you are feeling overwhelmed and worried about where your stress levels are leading, CDB can be one component of a health plan. Moving toward a more relaxed and calmer mindset is one way that CBD can help with stress. It does not contain the chemicals that can create a high, but it does offer a mood-boosting effect. How much to take and what form is best for you are both areas that our pharmacists can review and help you with today.

The Domino Effect

Just as stress can lead to negative physical effects down the road, a more relaxed mindset, and positive attitude can spur the opposite. For example, consistent and ongoing stress can lead to more inflammation. Taking CBD can lower inflammation throughout your body and help turn around some of the physical effects. CBD is also seen to help you sleep better, which is always a good thing! Better sleep leads to a better mood, sharper mind, and increased ability to live your day as your best self. If you have been facing additional physical symptoms from continued stress, you can also find some relief. A calmer outlook can alleviate headaches, increased heart rate, muscle soreness, and appetite changes.

Feeling better both mentally and physically will allow you to implement additional relaxation techniques, fun activities, social gatherings, and an exercise plan, which will all spur a more positive outlook on your life.

Connect with Your Neighborhood Compounding Pharmacy

Our pharmacists are skilled in CBD and other alternative health options to live happier and healthier. We are ready to lead you down a healthier health plan. Connect with us through our online contact form

Please consult your doctor or health professional before using CBD products. The FDA has not evaluated statements of CBD and its uses, and this product is not currently approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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