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CBD Pain Management Helps Valparaiso Community Members

Custom Dosing Pharmacy continues to serve community members throughout Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area as a neighborhood health resource. The trained team offers a range of holistic services that focus on helping everyone live a happy, healthy and pain-free life. Custom Dosing provides compounding services, health and nutritional supplements, consultations on lifestyle questions with a trained and knowledgeable expert and personalized treatment plans that focus on being educated about one’s own health matters. The team strives to communicate clearly with all of our patients and help them own a path to their own wellness plans.

Receive Guidance on CBD Pain Management Valparaiso IN

The Custom Dosing team can be an additional resource for your health and wellness needs by offering personalized consultations that concentrate on you and your needs. Compounding may be an option that helps you travel down your own individual health path that may be beyond what traditional medicine offers. Creating a custom dose or dosage of various medicines may better serve your health and wellness needs as our team truly believes that you know your body best and that you should have the loudest say in your health needs. 

We ask that you first fill out an evaluation form, so that our team has a starting point for any conversation and that we have an idea of your background. We will take about 45 to 60 minutes at your appointment to go over and discuss possible treatments based on your current health status and symptoms. We thoroughly go over the treatment plan and what we may need from your physician to be able to move forward.

Begin CBD Pain Management in Valparaiso IN

Depending on your symptoms, condition or health status, CBD may assist you in your pain management plan. CBD is available in a range of consumables, including tincture oil drops, soft gel capsules and gummies as well as topical treatments, including inflammation cream and cold therapy pain relief. While everyone is different and their bodies react differently to vitamins and supplements, CBD has been shown to help patients with pain management. Our products are created from hemp plants grown in the USA and are created with a process that extracts and preserves pure CBD isolate to keep an exact concentration in each batch. The drops that we carry can take effect quickly for some patients and are available in different flavors for different taste preferences. We can discuss with you the exact dosage to take, especially as you first begin your pain management plan with CBD oil or capsules.

Connect With Us for CBD Pain Management in Valparaiso IN

We understand that you may have questions as you go down a new path to health and wellness! Our team is ready to assist you and address any of your concerns. Reach out to us today through our online contact form


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