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At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, our team is here to assist with a range of supplements, pain management, consultations, CBD compounds and more. Our crew members strive to be a source for your health as a way to personalize and tailor treatment to you and your symptoms and conditions. We provide compounded prescriptions, nutritional supplements and lifestyle consultations. Our pharmacists and wellness consultants seek to connect with you on a personal level to help you feel better and live happier and healthier every day. We work with your doctor or physicians as needed and can help you down a holistic path today.

Crown Point Pain Management Physicians Work on Individual Plans

Chronic pain can be a condition that causes interruptions to your life every day or for months at a time. Millions of people, unfortunately, face a life filled with consistent and chronic pain. Our pharmacists and team can work with you and your team of doctors to determine a strategy to address your chronic pain. We have found that often people have allergies or intolerance to ingredients in pain prescriptions. That is where compounding can make a difference. We tailor our alternative prescriptions to assist with your compounded pain management.

As everyone is different and they experience pain differently, it is our job and mission to connect with you by listening to your pain story and to help pinpoint what may help you feel better and ease your pain. Compounding can offer a flexible way to delivery systems for medications as well as different formulations. Some conditions that may benefit from compounding pain management include: fibromyalgia, post-surgical scarring, shingles, restless leg syndrome, neuropathies and more. Chronic pain can be a real hindrance to being happy and can cause mental health issues.

Crown Point Physicians Help With  Pain Management and More

Our team at Custom Dosing can also address hormone levels through replacement therapy guidance. Hormones are vital to so many aspects of our health and help our bodies function day after day. Levels change with aging and throughout life changes. This can affect not only women, but also men. Bioidential Hormone Replacement Therapy may help with: slowing aging, boosting mood, slowing bone loss, increasing metabolism, regulating menstrual cycles, reducing anxiety or stress, helping with hormonal headaches and migraines, reducing carb cravings, reducing water retention and more.

Connect with Your Crown Point Pain Management Physicians

We offer consultations to review what you need help with and put together a plan. During a consultation, we ask that you first fill out a health evaluation form, and we will review and discuss your options. We will go over how you can remain active in your health and what we might need from your doctor. Reach out to us through our online contact form today or contact us to make an appointment.


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