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The Custom Dosing team understands how each and every person is unique and needs a customized plan for optimal health. Our crew can assist you with your pharmaceutical needs in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region. We focus on drug compounding as a way to create the best mix of medicine that will help you with whatever ailment or condition that you are facing. We can alter your medicine to best fit you – whether that is mixing drugs together or removing ingredients that have been a problem for you in the past. We work with many area physicians to prescribe for you what is best.

Pain Management Center Creates Customized Plan in Chesterton, IN

Chronic pain affects millions of people causing stress, anxiety and more than just physical effects. It can stem from a variety of conditions that range from fibromyalgia and arthritis to injuries and diabetic neuropathy. The benefit of approaching these conditions with a tailored prescription helps you address your individual needs by leaving out ingredients that your body may not be able to tolerate or that you are allergic to. By having a consultation with you, our pharmacists can understand your unique health needs and work to ease your chronic pain. 

A variety of medications have been shown to help ease chronic pain, and bringing these together through our compounding services may be an optimal choice to address your pain needs. We can take a variety of formulations and bring them together for the best approach to your unique pain needs. We can create pills or liquid form if that is better for you as a patient.

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Among our additional services are hormone therapy and veterinary offerings. For hormone therapy, we can address the changes that happen as we age – both men and women. Hormones are essential to many aspects of our health and play a role in many areas of our bodies. By working to replace these lost hormones, you can help with your aging process, your mood and brain function and help regulate your menstrual cycle as well as protect your heart. Our team works closely with you and your physician to put together a hormone replacement plan that can be a natural alternative to synthetic hormone replacement. “Bioidentical” hormones mirror your bodies’ own hormones allowing for a more natural process. Signs of a hormone imbalance can include: fatigue, cramps, anxiety, hair loss, dry skin, bloating, memory loss, weight gain, night sweats, decreased stamina, or brain fog.

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We are here for you to answer your questions and help you live a healthier and happier life every day! Our pharmacists are available to have a conversation and hear your individual needs. Connect with us through our online contact form


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