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How CBD Can Help During Flu Season

Beyond cannabinoid receptors, CBD has 65 identified sites for action in the body and brain. The cannabinoid receptors, or CB receptors, play an important role in immune response. Your body responds to cannabinoids to activate these receptors when inflammation levels exceed the desired activity level and lower it. This is how the endocannabinoid system regulates nearly every system in the body and makes sure everything is regulated and working properly. 

At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, we provide a range of CBD products to keep you healthy all winter long. Every dose is made with your unique needs in mind, and we can help you better understand the link between CBD and flu prevention. Here are just a few of the ways CBD lowers your risk of illness this flu season. 

Reduces Stress

One of the biggest factors in your ability to avoid getting sick is to ensure your body runs efficiently. Stress strains your body and compromises your immune system’s function. Cortisol is a chemical activated by the stress response. While cortisol can help the body fight illness, prolonged stress lowers the efficacy of this response, meaning the immune system is also less effective. 

The endocannabinoids can become depleted when you are chronically stressed, leading to an unbalanced body and mind. Fortunately, CBD oil can easily fix the problem by reducing your stress levels and associated inflammation. 

Increases Vital Nutrients

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and is full of nutrients and vitamins. Not only does this substance contain cannabinoids, but it also has fatty acids, plant sterols, flavonoids, terpenes and many other ingredients that are important to your health. These chemicals can promote immune function so you can stay healthy throughout the flu season. 

Boosting Physical Fitness

Regular workouts support a healthy immune system. Individuals who get enough exercise tend to have an easier time fighting off illnesses. If you’re dealing with soreness or chronic pain, however, exercising can feel impossible. Treating your pain using CBD can make it easier by preventing muscle spasms and blocking pain signals.  

Improves Sleep

Considering how important cannabinoid signaling is to your bodily processes, it’s no surprise that the endocannabinoid system influences sleep quality. The central nervous system is responsible for regulating sleep cycles, and CBD can help improve your sleep. Getting enough rest is tied to a stronger immune system, and the reverse is true, too. Poor sleep can make you more prone to getting sick and staying sick for longer. Sleep supports your body’s ability to fight illness, so by using CBD as a sleep aid, you can get the rest you need. 

Talk to Our Pharmacists About CBD

CBD keeps you healthy in so many different ways. Avoid illness this winter by boosting your immune function using customized CBD products offered at our pharmacy. Our team at Custom Dosing Pharmacy supports your health and creates individualized products to promote wellbeing in all of our patients. Visit our team at a private consultation to learn more about the benefits of CBD oil this flu season.

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