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How Long Does HRT Take to Work?

When you’re struggling with a hormone imbalance, you want relief right away. Naturally, you’re searching for fast solutions to your symptoms, which can get in the way of your lifestyle. The physical and mental toll of a hormone imbalance can leave you wanting to feel like yourself again. Today, many adults choose hormone replacement therapy to treat their hormone imbalances. This treatment is recognized for its efficacy on a wide range of conditions, including menopause symptoms and low testosterone. You may wonder, how quickly can you expect to see results? Our team at Custom Dosing Pharmacy provides insight. For detailed information about bioidentical hormones, call us to schedule a wellness consultation. 

What Is the Timeframe for HRT?

Hormone replacement therapy can be highly effective and sustainable—but patients won’t feel better overnight. The timeframe for HRT depends on each patient’s individual needs. Hormone replacement therapy is typically administered over the course of weeks to months and is a gradual transformation. 

While patience may be required, rest assured that you will see improvement. When you work with our compounding pharmacists, the benefits will be long-lasting. You’ll see a significant improvement in the way you feel and function, and those benefits can last for a lifetime. 

The Stages of HRT

Considering the various factors impacting a patient’s progress with HRT, the answer to how long the process will take for you isn’t straightforward. There is no single moment where your health is suddenly “right” again; rather, it is a gradual change that you will notice slowly as treatment continues. You’ll begin noticing benefits a little at a time until your entire wellness feels whole again. 

While the timeline isn’t set in stone for every patient, the process of feeling better is a certainty for many. Most patients will experience three distinct phases as they receive bioidentical hormone therapy, which we explore below: 

  • Preparation, Testing and Diagnosis. If you believe you have the symptoms of a hormone imbalance, you need to get tested. A health professional can help you complete the necessary tests to see if you have an imbalance. There are many causes of fatigue, sexual dysfunction, weight changes and general malaise, so be sure to rule out other causes first. 
  • Beginning Treatment. Once we have a complete picture of your health, we can help you determine what dosage of bioidentical hormones would be best for you. We can compound hormones in many forms that suit your preferences. Hormone therapy isn’t a quick fix: however, by committing to treatment, you can expect a higher quality of life. 
  • Continuing Self Care. Hormones can be regulated through exercise, getting enough sleep, eating well and coping with stress. Deciding to take care of yourself even after you’ve completed treatment allows you to retain your wellness. 

Talk to a Compounding Pharmacist About HRT

Hormone imbalances can truly compromise your wellness, but know that HRT provides relief. Custom Dosing Pharmacy proudly delivers bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women. Contact our pharmacists now to schedule a consultation where we can help you explore treatment options. 

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