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Soothe backaches, stiff joints, muscles, and arthritic pains with CBD-infused topical creams. We use a highly-concentrated CBD formula approved for all skin types that achieve lasting comfort with no strong odors or greasy residues. Our formulated creams allow for quick skin absorption, delivering pain-relief and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD soon after contact.

Why Use CBD Topicals for Skin & Muscle Treatment?

While other CBD products (like tinctures or vape oils) are great for achieving relaxation and relief throughout your entire body, they are not ideal for concentrated areas of physical discomfort. CBD Topicals are perfect for ailments in specific areas of your body (think sore bicep, back, or wrist) because they provide highly-targeted relief wherever they are applied.
Many of our CBD Topicals also contain essential oils, amino acids, and other beneficial compounds that help moisturize and invigorate skin – while also providing natural pain relief!

How to Apply CBD Topicals

Designed with convenience in mind, our CBD Topicals come in a variety of applicators (including rollers, squeeze bottles, and cream tubs). These are perfect for applying direct treatment to everything from sports-related injuries to everyday bumps and bruises. Simply choose a topical that is best suited for your ailment and apply as needed. Ease of use and applicator variety make our CBD Topicals perfect all-natural solutions for athletes, heavy lifters, manual laborers, or anyone else who suffers from chronic aches and pains.

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