Deborah M.


Clean, friendly and helpful staff.

Tammy Z.


Staff is very helpful and friendly. Always have my prescription ready.



Very knowledgeable staff, they always take time to explain things to you. Great service and always a pleasant visit.

Irina L.


It’s a niche business, very important. Great selection of vitamins and supplements. CBD is good quality

Bill D.


My fluffy orange cat, Oliver, will need to take medication for the rest of his life and Custom Dosing was recommended by my vet after the two local “big box” pharmacies proved to be pretty useless at providing medication for my cat. They are really nice people and they know their products well. Thank you so much and keep up the great work.



Hand sanitizers are excellent


Have shopped online for pricing on four supplements, this location is cheapest by far and staff is very helpful and well informed.


The pharmacist Jeff did everything in his power to make sure my brother got his prescription filled. He went above and beyond and we were desperate.


I’ve been doing business with Custom Dosing for years. I enjoy the staff and appreciate Jeff so much. Very informative and helpful. I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals or treating the symptom. I want to find out what’s causing it and treat that. Custom dosing helps accomplish this. It’s a blessing to have such a business available to this area.

Man L.

Great service and pricing!


Had the supplements I was looking for.


The staff here are super sweet and quick! I was in and out in less than 5 minutes with a prescription.


I have been going to this pharmacy for a long time, the first thing is that the products are top notch!! The expertise of the pharmacist is amazing as well. I trust the products they recommend. They have the best probiotic you can take and I send my friends there to get them as well. Yesterday the owner recommended Cystistatin for my chronic & severe cystitis and it started helping with the first pill I took 🙂 thank you Custom Dosing Pharmacy in Crown Point!!!!! From Happy Customer


Good Staff!


They are very thorough and knowledgeable about compounds. Send reminder. Have knowledge of compounds. And offer to refill from prior order.


The pharmacist, Jeff Barton, was absolutely great! He worked out a combination of hormones and dosages that helped me completely. I am 100% free of Hot Flashes on the BioIdentical. Jeff taught me how to titrate my dosages based on my daily needs. That’s what I really love about the BioIdentical-that I can titrate my doses depending on how I am feeling. Recently I had 2 deaths in my family and the stress was awful. I started to “flash”, so I increased my dose slightly during the stress. It took away the problem and then I returned to my lower dose.


I can’t imagine ever living without my BioIdentical Hormones! Oh my! I plan to be on the hormones for the rest of my life, because of the way they make me feel and health benefits long term. Jeff (Barton) has been great about adjusting my doses when my needs have changed, to keep me feeling great! Really, I just can’t tell you how awesome he has been and what a difference the hormones have made in my life!


I AM A NEW PERSON! Jeff Barton is responsible for starting me out over 5 years ago, and staying the course with me- and I just can’t thank him enough!