Veterinary Services

Your Pets…

Sometimes animals – just like their human owners – have unique medication needs that off-the-shelf prescription medicines cannot meet. When this occurs, your veterinarian can turn to Custom Dosing Pharmacy to prepare a unique formula just for your pet!

Veterinarians often use the services of a Compounding Pharmacy when special situations exist including:

● Changing the dosage form for animals that spit out their pills!
● Formulating the correct dosage strength for a very small or very large- animal
● Flavoring the medication so your pet will actually enjoy his meds
● Compounding commercially unavailable medications/preparations

Other Veterinary Compounding Services

● Thyroid & Seizure Medications
● Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems
● Sugar-free preparations
● Opthalmic Drops
● Discontinued Meds
● Flavored Antibiotics
● Transdermal Creams
● Topical Powders
● Combined Medications
● Flavored Troches
● Medicated biscuits
● Other custom preparations

Veterinarians may call toll free or fax the prescriptions to us. Include the pet’s name and the owner’s contact information.

Custom Dosing

Your Health

At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, your health is our top priority! Our skilled pharmacists take time to consult with you and your physician to maximize the benefits of your treatment. We want to understand your needs, and tailor your prescription accordingly. We care about how you feel. Each compounded prescription is created to your doctor's specifications to meet each patient's unique needs.

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