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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Schererville

At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, we recognize that each body is different. Our staff believes that medicine should reflect your individual needs. We wish to be the compounding pharmacy you depend on whenever you need an individualized dose. Our staff is dedicated to providing safe, effective pain relief customized to each of our patients’ specific needs, including hormone replacement therapy in Schererville, Indiana. Learn more about our hormone therapy options by calling our pharmacy. 

Common Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalances, while troublesome, are common and treatable. However, not all adults are aware of their hormone imbalance. Typically, fluctuating hormones result in a range of physical and mental symptoms that can throw a wrench in your life. Here are just a few of the problems you might experience: 

  • Hot flashes or sensitivity to extreme temperatures
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Sexual dysfunction 
  • Unexplained, continuous fatigue 
  • Weight gain and bloating
  • Memory problems
  • Extremely dry skin

These symptoms are especially pronounced in women who are going through menopause or men going through andropause. Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy is effective in mitigating these unpleasant symptoms. Replacing the lost hormones helps your body function as it should. 

Reasons to Get Our Hormone Replacement Therapy in Schererville

Unlike most forms of hormone replacement therapy, Custom Dosing Pharmacy provides custom-compounded hormones. This is advantageous over other forms of hormone therapy because you get hormones that are derived from natural sources like plants. Usually, hormone replacement involves taking synthetic hormones that may inadvertently cause more discomfort. Bioidentical hormones are natural and are identical to the hormones your body produces, which keeps side effects to a minimum. Overall, it’s a safe, effective way to manage a hormone imbalance. 

Additionally, our pharmacists are certified to provide individualized hormones. We can change certain ingredients or give you hormones in a certain form of administration, such as a topical gel instead of pills.  

What to Expect 

Before receiving hormone replacement therapy, you will need to visit your primary physician or a doctor from our list of partners. Doses are determined through a series of tests conducted by your doctor. Your doctor may perform several tests and collect saliva and blood samples to determine whether hormone therapy is a good option for you. 

If you’re given the green light to undergo hormone therapy, it’s time to visit our pharmacy! Before administering your hormones, we will communicate with you and your doctor to find out what medications you’re taking and the symptoms you’ve experienced. As you continue your treatment, you should expect to gradually see improvements. Both men and women report fewer mood swings, healthy weight loss and more. 

Custom Dosing Pharmacy Offers Solutions That Relieve Your Symptoms

Custom Dosing Pharmacy looks forward to becoming your most trusted source for hormone replacement therapy in Schererville. Our pharmacists work hard to ensure that every product we make is just what you’re looking for. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy!


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