What is pharmaceutical compounding?

Each person is different: there’s no single prescription that works the same for everyone! That’s why our pharmacy provides drug compounding to patients throughout Northwest Indiana. The purpose of drug compounding is to customize doses of prescription medication. The medication is typically altered in some way, such as mixing several kinds of drugs together or removing problematic ingredients from a medication. At its core, compounding is designed to help patients get the doses that suit their unique physical needs.

How do I get a prescription?

Before you can get a prescription, we will need to learn about your medical history and your current needs. We have a list of participating physicians for your convenience. These physicians are local and work closely with us. With your doctor’s approval, we can provide you with individualized medication that’s made just for you.

If I already have a physician, do I have to pick a physician off your list?

Our staff is happy to partner with your current doctor. If your doctor is not already on our list, let us know and we will reach out to him or her with information about what we do. Whether you need compounded medication or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we can work with your doctor to determine the ideal solution for you.

I am a physician who is interested in partnering with your pharmacy. How do we become partners?

Our pharmacists are always happy to add new physicians to our growing list. Any local doctors who want to better help their patients can partner with our pharmacy. As you work with us, you can communicate your patient’s unique needs so we can deliver the prescription that works best. We encourage you to reach out to us to learn more.

What if I need a refill?

All of our prescriptions are handmade and customized for you. Our pharmacists take great care in combining the highest-quality ingredients to ensure that your prescription is accurate and effective. You can expect us to have your refill ready in two working days. Be sure to call us in advance if your prescription is running out so we can have the refill ready when you come in.

Will my insurance cover my custom prescriptions?

At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, it’s our goal to be as accessible as possible. While our compounds are not covered under health insurance plans, we accept payments using cash, debit and credit cards. After each payment, we provide you with a detailed receipt. If applicable, you can submit this receipt to your insurance provider to see whether you can receive reimbursement.

Discover How We Can Help

If you have other questions about our pharmacy and what we do, reach out to us today! Our team at Custom Dosing Pharmacy is dedicated to your satisfaction. We want you to fully understand the benefits of customized pain management, so feel free to call us to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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