Who Uses Compounding Formulas?

While many patients may successfully take commercially manufactured medications, many individuals may experience problems because of: Allergies to dyes Inability to swallow The need for…

Your Custom Alternative Solution

At Custom Dosing Pharmacy, problem solving is our business! When nothing else seems to work, your physician can turn to Custom Dosing Pharmacy to tailor…

Fatigue, Insomnia, Stress … Why is it happening to me?

So many times we believe that some one thing is causing the above syndromes to happen to us. Our age, our life or some depletion…

Vitamin D

There has been an incredible surge of interest in vitamin D in recent years, as evidenced by research articles that are being published monthly or…

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Colds This Winter

Each winter we are exposed to rhinoviruses— those annoying germs that cause a sore throat, runny nose and cough. The winter months present plenty of…

Are Supplements Really Necessary

Dr. Jonathon Wright, often referred to as the doctor’s doctor, has written what this author considers to be one of the most profound and challenging…

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