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What You Can Expect With Hormone Replacement Therapy

The idea of starting any new health regimen can be daunting. But setting realistic expectations can ease your fears. Custom Dosing Pharmacy delivers a range of services to help aging adults feel their best. Hormonal changes may be a natural part of aging, but you don’t have to simply accept the discomfort. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most effective ways to manage symptoms produced by hormone imbalances. Replenishing lost hormones allow your body to readjust and receive the hormones it needs to function properly. Here’s what you can expect as you start bioidentical hormone therapy. 

Physical Changes Are Normal 

Hormone imbalances produce numerous full-body symptoms, and you might not feel like yourself. Even though hormones naturally shift as we age, sometimes these drops produce complications. Bioidentical hormones are the same as natural hormones on a molecular level, so your body easily accepts them. For the vast majority of people, this means fewer side effects during treatment. 

That being said, some people do notice physical changes when starting hormone therapy. These changes are normal as the treatment restores your natural hormone levels. For instance, it’s common to experiences changes related to your skin, hair and energy as a result of hormone therapy. Remember that these changes are a natural sign that your body is adjusting to the new hormones. 

Full-Body Benefits for Mood and Physical Health

When people imagine hormone therapy, they are typically focused on the physical health benefits. But the treatment also improves mental and emotional symptoms. Over the course of your treatment, you’ll enjoy:

  • Reduced anxiety and irritability
  • Improved brain function
  • Boosted mood

Many patients are surprised by how severe their brain fog or mood disorders were prior to hormone replacement. Once your hormones are regulated, you’ll feel more like yourself, and you’ll be in a better mindset to enjoy your everyday life. 

Health Benefits Are Gradual

While it’s only natural to want instant relief, the best treatments typically deliver benefits gradually. Hormone replacement therapy takes around two to three weeks before the improvement is noticeable. In that time, you may experience small changes. You’ll notice that your symptoms begin to improve or even resolve as you continue taking the hormones. 

Patients Have Options to Choose From

Hormone replacement therapy is administered in three main ways:

  • Pellets. A pellet is inserted under the skin. The process takes only a few minutes and uses a local anesthetic. They’re highly convenient and reliable. 
  • Patches. Patches are another easy method, as they work after a single application. They’re a great option for anyone with digestive issues or trouble taking oral medicine. 
  • Gels and Creams. This topical treatment is safer for people with liver issues. The hormones are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. 

Custom Dosing Pharmacy administers bioidentical hormones in various dosage forms. Choose depending on your individual wellness needs, as well as your personal preferences. 

Call Our Pharmacists

Getting started with hormone therapy is easy with Custom Dosing Pharmacy. We provide all of the information you need at a private consultation. Call now to discuss the benefits of bioidentical hormones with our wellness experts.

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